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The Bus Adventure

1996 Thomas Safe-T-Liner

Cummins 6CTA 8.3lt diesel engine

Allison automatic pushbutton 5 speed transmission

Bought at Ritchie Brothers Auction in Prince George for $1750 Canadian, May 3rd 2007


coming home, she drives like a dream :)

Thomas label

big and yellow

still with the seats, soon to be removed

finaly got the old wheelchair door open, many hidden bolts have been used to keep it closed.

Cutting away on all the chair bolts. Going through many angle grinder blades.

making progress

Ran out of angle grinder wheels. Have to finish an other day

The chairs are out...

...it took about a Dollar per chair in Angle grinder wheels. :)

Heidi starting to pull up the old lino

Found some rotten part around the wheel well..

Heidi loves power tools :)

the sparks are flying

lifted the first floor board...

I guess it was a good decision to rip out the old flooring

lifting up one sidepanel to check status behind it....

removed the yellow insulation and found moister behind it....darn...

look up and see more rust.... :(



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