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July 2007


All the floor boards have been removed. The rust shows...


after a good cleaning the POR-15 is applied

For Canadians http://www.canada-por15.com/

USA http://www.POR-15.com


Heidi hard at work...


Looks way better now after POR-15 has been applied.

This stuff seems to be what it advertises to be. Hopefully this will be the last time we have anything to do with this floor.

well the sidepanels have to come off too...

Cancer where ever you look

every window seems to be leaking

Heidi fighting with yellow insulation, YUK

I guess I have to order some more POR-15

Side panels all gone

Front wheel, I guess we have to give them some attention too..

interesting set up, wonder what chrome wheels for this bus would cost ???

Rear wheels including some rust :)

our worksite :) it does look good yellow, I like yellow, may be we should leave it yellow.

underbody storage will be getting some POR-15 as well

Heidi busy covering up the rust on the inside

looking good

Tomorow it will be ready to lay some flooring...

I ordered 6 Windows like this one, they are 48" x 22" and should more or less fit right in. I will have to cut out some posts, but it should look a little more like an RV afterwords.

Let the flooring begin...

first a layer of 1/2" rigid foam boards. I would have liked to go 1" but then I loose to much headroom.

we just lay them down and tape the seams with Tuck-Tape

Foam boards are in...

plastic as a vapor barrier

and then I missed to take any pictures douring the plywood face...

We layed 5/8 tounge and groove plywood...the floor feels sturdy and solid... :)

filling the sidepanels with white styrofoam panels

taping the seams, its amazing how much the sound value improved thanks to these panels :)

Seating arrangement, 4 bucket seats and a 4 person bench salvaged out of a Ford full size Van

the one rear facing seat will get a swivel base, hopefully...



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