The national ensign is formed by three horizontal stripes of the same width, the top one is red, the one in the center is yellow and the bottom one is green. It is supposed that they represent the three reigns of Nature. In the center is the Coat of Arms.





The coat of arms of the country has an elliptic form, inside which there appears the rich hill of Potosí lighted by a radiant sun, having in front to the right, the tree of bred and a sheaf of wheat; a llama completes this part. The Andean Condor crowns the superior part of the ellipse that is also flanked on both sides by trimming of three flags, two guns and a canon on each side. The word " BOLIVIA" figures on the superior part of the ellipse and in the inferior there are ten stars that represent the nine departments of the country, the tenth representing the coastline occupied by Chile since the usurpation in 1879. A branch of olive and another of laurel surround the condor to represent peace and victory.