Dear Family and Friends,
     Greetings from Taperillas!  We are enjoying being back home again after many days of traveling.  In all, we stayed in five different places over the ten days of travel, so you can imagine we arrived home a little tired.  But all went well....the visa renewal process went ahead without problem, the boys greatly enjoyed the Tambo Field Day and each earned one ribbon, and our truck didn't break down even once!  We are so thankful to the Lord, and to you for all your prayers on our behalf through many, many miles of travel.
     During one of our times in Santa Cruz, the NTM guest home was full, so we stayed in the South American Mission (SAM) guest home.  As a result, we have a new member in our family...Sammy--a little five-week Cocker Spaniel!  The mission home had six puppies, and it didn't take long to decide we should get one!  He is sure that waddling, fall-over-his-own-feet stage!  Of course, that also means he's at the messes-on-the-floor stage! It's kind of like having a baby again, but hopefully he's smart enough to train quickly!
     Bill is busy once again, attempting to complete our house construction as soon as possible so we can begin full-time study of the Simba language.  The boys and I have been making up for lost time in our schoolwork, cleaning out all the bugs and dust that entered our house while we were gone, etc.  It's good to be back in a routine, though we've also been busy with some medical work.  Many of the Simba children have flu and cold bugs, and as we are the only missionaries here just now, the people come to us for help.  Three of us are fighting the same "bugs," so we are identifying well with the people here!
     We have one major prayer request.  The majority of the Simba have completed the adobe walls on their houses, but the organization that promised to provide the roofing material has informed them that they have run out and will not be able to get more before the rainy season starts (later this month or November).  Without roofs, the adobe walls will be destroyed by the rain.  Please pray this organization will fulfill its promise, and provide some type of roofing to the Simba here quickly.
     Thanks so much again for the encouragement you send us in so many ways. We truly "thank God every time (we) remember you" (Phil. 1:3).
With His Love, for all of us,

PS-Many of you have asked about the proposed road on the ridge above our house.  It seems to be "on hold" with the engineers considering some other alternatives presented to them by the community.  We're praying the engineers will respect the community's desires.