Dear Family & Friends,

Greetings from BUSY Taperillas!  Between literacy classes and Bible teaching three times a week, language evaluations last week, and a "cursillo" to start here tomorrow....well, there are few dull moments here!

This time, the cursillo is to go for the entire week, rather than for just three days, as several Simba have indicated they wanted to come to the first cursillo in November but were either unable to or for some reason never received an invitation then.  So we are repeating the first fifteen lessons of the Bible teachings which were taught in the November cursillo, from Monday to Wednesday this week.  Then, from Thursday to Saturday, we will teach the second set of lessons, which will complete the study of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus.  Each day goes from 8:00 am to about 9:00 pm, with just breaks for the teachers especially will be tired by the end.  Fortunately, our co-worker, Jack Russell, just arrived from the States last week and will be able to help with the teachings....that will certainly lighten the load, and it's also a real encouragement to have him here.  Please pray for the students, who should begin arriving later today.  A weather front also seems to be passing through, which may affect those who need to travel in the backs of trucks to arrive far, the rain has been light.

Bill has continued teaching in the Simba church here three times a week, and is almost finished the Old Testament overview and ready to begin the life of Jesus (following the cursillo).  It is exciting to be at this point in the Bible teachings, and we just pray that many will continue to attend following the cursillo.

As for the literacy classes, there are about 20 students in the two classes we began the first week of this month.  Most of them have been coming consistently, which is an answer to prayer.  The class for those who can already read in Spanish has just three sessions remaining, and they are becoming good readers of their own language already.  The other class, for those who can't read at all, is progressing slowly, and the students will need perseverance to carry on to completion the four months worth of lessons.  Please pray especially for the older ladies in this class, who are struggling to keep up with the younger men and women, that they would be encouraged to persevere.

One last prayer item....there are quite a few sick folk in the community right now, and one of our coworkers is concerned that it may be Typhoid.  This is quite contagious, and we are praying it won't spread, especially during this coming week during the cursillo.

Once again, thanks so much for your faithful prayers and support as we continue to bring God's Word to the Simba people.

With His Love, for us all,
Kathleen Mann