Dear Family & Friends,
Greetings from Taperillas!  It's good to be home again, and back into the regular schedule of language learning.  Our time away was very full and busy, but we did come back refreshed and ready to tackle the Simba language again.  The boys are happy to have the achievement tests behind them, though they really enjoyed their time at Tambo with many old friends from last year.
Our trip to Tambo went well, without a single mechanical problem--praise the Lord!  Bill was able to find a new (used) motor for our pickup in Santa Cruz, so we left the truck at Tambo, where the shop there will do the changeover.  Hopefully, it won't take too long, as it can be difficult at times here without a vehicle.  We're praying there won't be any emergencies this month, as both of our co-workers will be gone most of May, and therefore there will be no vehicles here. 
In connection with our truck repairs, we would sure appreciate your prayers that our visas will come in by the time we need to return to Tambo for our truck.  After seven months of waiting, they have still not been renewed.  Tambo is just six hours from Cochabamba, where we need to go once the visas come in, so it would be great to accomplish that when we return for the truck some time next month.

This past week there was one encouragement that came our way.  Lately I have been working, language learning, with a fellow who is from another community but is working here for the time being.  His name is Juan Carlos and he says he is a believer, although his understanding of the Gospel seems limited and he knows very little of the Bible.  We were looking together at a picture, illustrating the account of the Passover and the Israelites putting the blood over their doorposts.  I was mainly using it as a language learning exercise, but he asked me what was happening in the picture.  After giving him a very brief account in my very halting Simba, he really came alive and kept asking more questions.  Finally he told me he was looking forward to the day when I could speak the language better so I could help him learn more from the Bible.  Boy, me too.  It is always wonderful to see hunger for God's word.

The boys are now doing school "half-time," as they've completed some subjects.  So they're enjoying the beginning of "summer vacation" (even though it'll be Winter here)!  It has cooled down noticeably lately, and we're very grateful to have a makeshift woodstove to warm the was made at the Tambo shop out of four truck tire rims!  With the coming of the cooler weather, we've been visiting the Simba people this past week with the knit caps that many of you sent down.  They've been so pleased to get them, and many have specifically asked that we send their thanks to the ladies that made them ..."Yasurupai"  (Simba for "thank you")!

With the cooler weather here, toucans have begun to return, and monkeys will soon be around too...we are often amazed here with the variety and beauty of God's creation.  Trust you are equally enjoying His creation with all the beauty of Spring there!

With gratefulness for all your encouragement, support and prayers,
Bill & Kathleen,
Josh, Jon, & Jesse