Dear Friends & Family,
It seems the weeks fly by here, and we're realizing it has been over a month since we informed you of the problem with the community here.  Though the time has flown by, the resolution to this problem is coming very slowly, as is usual for things here in Bolivia!  At our last meeting with the community in mid-October, many were not happy at the thought that the missionaries might leave, and the community demands were presented more as just a few "suggestions" that we could consider.  However, it was definitely decided that a new agreement has to be made with a lawyer and the regional Simba-Guarani chiefs involved, so the final outcome is still very uncertain.  We are continuing to look to the Lord for His will in it all, and trust that if He wants us to continue here in Taperillas, He will work in the hearts of those now in authority.
In the meantime, we are quite busy getting ready for the upcoming Cursillo.  As a missionary team, we have decided to make the most of the coming year here, especially if it turns out that it's our last.  We've planned four cursillos to be completed before we leave for our furlough next June, the first at the end of this month, and the others in January, March, and May.  Each of these cursillos will have four days of Bible teaching, and also an hour of instruction in literacy each afternoon.  The purpose is to train interested men from surrounding communities, who can then return to their communities to teach the same materials.  We are planning to complete the first phase of chronological Bible teachings, from Genesis through to the resurrection of Christ, in these four cursillos.  We'd sure appreciate your prayers as we finish preparing the necessary Bible and literacy materials, and also that the Lord would work it out for the right men to come.  We have invited about 30 men from 12 different Simba communities.  Bill will be doing at least half of the Bible teaching, and also helping Kathleen with the literacy classes, so we would especially appreciate your prayers during the days of the Cursillo -- November 24th to the 28th.
Josh has a week off school that same week, so it will be extra busy in our home!  Jonathan & Jesse are making all kinds of plans for their brother!  So, this month is looking very full.
We appreciate each of you very much, and can't express fully just how much of an encouragement your support and prayers are to us.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!
With His Love,
Bill & Kathleen,
(Josh, Jonathan, & Jesse)