Dear Friends,

Well, we're a month into our second quarter here at Tambo.  This month has
been a challenging one.  We've been told "the novelty has worn off and
we're in 'culture shock'!"  Well, we're not sure about that, but are sure
that the Lord is UNCHANGING and MORE THAN ABLE to help us through the new

For the boys especially, we'd appreciate your prayers as they often find
they are left out of the "established relationships" in Tambo.   For us,
Spanish language learning is often a "grind" that calls for much
perseverance...the progress is usually slower than we'd like!  We have been
encouraged, however, with the response of Lucho and Elsa (two of our
Bolivian language helpers), as we are working through the chronological
Bible lessons with them in Spanish .... they show much interest and have
many questions, and we pray that they will come to the point of faith in
our Lord Jesus Christ.

This is our first Saturday "off" since Christmas break.  Both the
childrens' program and the afternoon Bible study with Virginia and Marcial
have been cancelled, mainly because this weekend is the beginning of the
Carnaval celebration.  Many people are travelling and involved in the
activities, which we've been told vary from mischievous fun to major
vandalism, immorality, and "dark Halloween-type" activities.  My afternoon
language helper, who is a Christian, says the holiday activities go
literally with the holiday name, which means "flesh" (carne) and "satan"
(Baal).  She says that basically kids and adults alike get away with
whatever they want to do during this time, and that there are many innocent
victims.  A good time to stay home, and especially away from the big
cities!   SO, we are enjoying a whole day of nothing official planned to
catch up on letters.  And Bill is working at setting up a ham radio antenna
so we can test out and become proficient at using our ham radio.  When we
move to the tribe, that will be our only means of communication, including
email ... all the oral communication has to be done in Spanish, so it will
be another good language stretcher!

We appreciate so much your prayers as we continue to "press on"
here.  Please let us know how we can pray for you too--

In His Grace,
Bill and Kathleen,
Josh, Jonathan, & Jesse

PS- Our computer is now in the States for warranty work on the CD Rom drive
... we'd appreciate your prayers that it will come back in good shape and
truly fixed.  We'll especially be needing it in the months ahead for tribal
language work.