August 17, 2003
Dear Family & Friends,
Greetings from Taperillas!  We are so thankful to be home again after a month of traveling.  We arrived back this past Friday, after three attempts to leave Santa Cruz, each time with a minor breakdown forcing us to return for a repair.  It was 5:30 in the afternoon when we finally left "for good", but we didn't arrive in Taperillas until 12 hours later due to several problems enroute.  Our hope for a reliable vehicle has not quite materialized yet!  The psalm I read that morning was the perfect reminder to put our hope in the Lord, NOT in a vehicle...."Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him."  (Psalm 62:5)
We are very grateful to the Lord for safety and provision during this past month.  Our first stop was Cochabamba, where we were finally able to finish renewing our visas--PTL!  As well, we were able to get computer repairs and dental work done, and the boys even enjoyed a week of swimming lessons while we waited for the computer work.  Next, we traveled to Tambo, where our truck was still in the shop (since the end of April) receiving a new motor and transmission, as well as many other repairs.  We worked on some Simba language and culture projects there until our Field Conference, while the boys greatly enjoyed playing with English-speaking friends for a change!  The Field Conference was a very encouraging week of good fellowship and teaching.  Overall, this past month was a refreshing time, and a good opportunity for evaluation and planning the coming year here in Taperillas.  We were able to study the new NTM culture and language program, and glean ideas for where to go next in culture/language learning here with the Simba....we're looking forward to beginning again tomorrow.  As well, I had time to plan the coming year of home-schooling, which also starts tomorrow...I'm looking forward to that too, though I'm not sure the boys are so excited at the idea of another year of school!
The schedule for the year ahead is very full between homeschooling and culture/language learning, and we'd sure appreciate your prayers for strength and wisdom in "juggling" it all well. Thanks so much again for your continual support and encouragement.  May the Lord greatly encourage each of you in your daily life, as you find your hope and help in Him.

With love from us all,