Hola from Taperillas!
We are greatly enjoying this weekend in our future home area!  It is such a tranquil spot in comparison with all the action of Monteagudo.  We are here awaiting a load of bricks, which is due to arrive "sometime soon", which in Bolivian time means anytime between yesterday and next week sometime!  We're hoping and praying it will arrive this weekend, so we can return to Spanish immersion in the local school in Monteagudo for Monday morning.  The other two missionary families in Taperillas are away just now, so we need to stay until either the bricks arrive or our food runs out!
The bricks are just one of the many housebuilding items that need to be trucked in over very rough roads.  Another major prayer item is for the wood needed for the house.  We were finally able to arrange for the wood to be cut (there are no such things as lumberyards here), but it is very uncertain if the wood will arrive by the beginning or middle of July.  We'd appreciate your prayers that we can get what is needed for the foundation by the end of next week, as the builders are hoping to begin the first of July.  Much will depend on the weather, as the roads are nearly impassable after much rain, especially as the road between Monteagudo and Taperillas is under construction...it is only open to traffic very early or late in the day or for 2 hours at mid-day, but after much rain is quite dangerous in some cliff-edge spots.
Well, it is definitely winter here, and has almost gotten down to freezing temperatures at night.  We are warm with our Canadian sleeping bags, but it is definitely cool here in these houses that have no central heating.  However, the two rooms we have in Monteagudo have got to be warm in comparison with the Simba homes, which are just dirt floors and so full of cracks.
Our trip here yesterday was another example of typical Bolivia.  When we went to fill the truck with diesel we were told that there was none available anywhere as they were "rationing" it across Bolivia, evidently just for that one day.  Fortunately, we had enough to make the trip here; however, the only road out of town was blocked for some unannounced electrical work, so we waited.  "Hurry up and wait" is one of the missionary sayings in these parts!!  It is about 28 kilometers from Monteagudo to Taperillas, but the trip takes about an hour and a half....so you can imagine the road conditions.  We were grateful for dry weather for the trip, and are glad to be here. 
Today we've learned a few Guarani words, so will sign off with a suitable one-"Karo ma" ("Good afternoon").
Thanks so much for your prayers as we begin to settle in to this new home and ministry--
In His Grace,
Bill and Kathleen,
Josh, Jonathan, and Jesse Mann