Dear Friends,

Greetings to you once again from Bolivia!  We would like to take just a few
moments and just let you know of a few prayer requests.  Tomorrow our son
Joshua leaves on a 5 day trip to Santa Cruz (one of Bolivia's larger
cities) with his school class.  It is meant to be a combination
getaway/outreach where they will get to do some fun things together (like
bowling, of all things).  While there they have made arrangements with
another church there to do some outreach.  They have been busily making up
around 400 Wordless Book bracelets, which they will be giving out with a
tract in various places where there will be lots of Bolivian kids.  He told
us he really desires to be able talk with the kids and share the tract
personally with them.  To this end he has been trying to practice reading
through the tract on his own.his Spanish is still very limited, but his
heart is very much in this.  Please pray for safety for him and his class
and that their outreach would bear eternal results.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our language teachers.both of them
have been showing keen interest, as we have been working through some
foundational Bible lessons with them.  It has been an absolute joy to see
their Biblical understanding grow and to have them ask very good searching
questions.  Kathleen's teacher, Elsa, has even begun to work through the
same lessons with both her mother and daughters.that was a very pleasant
surprise to hear.  Unfortunately, due to some poor Christian testimony in
the past, she shown much hesitancy toward becoming involved in the local
church in San Isidro.  My teacher, Lucho, I believe is very close to faith
in Christ.  Last week he made a comment to me that the reason that
'religion' is useless is that people think they can be accepted by God
because of what they do, rather that by faith in Christ alone.  This is
quite a statement for someone with a strong Roman Catholic
background.  Anyway, the next couple months should be watershed months for
them as far as really making decisions concerning making the faith their
own or not.  Please keep praying for them.

Concerning our weekly Bible study with a local Bolivian couple, Marcial and
Virginia, three weeks now they have not met with us due to things coming up
on their part.  Then last weekend he beat her up pretty badly.  As you can
guess we are a little discouraged here, but have had to remind ourselves
that it is ultimately His work, all we can do is make ourselves
available.  We are supposed to meet with them this Saturday again.

Lastly, last weekend several residents from another local community, Vado
Hondo, come to Tambo asking for someone to come and teach them from the
Bible.  I had a chance to go with three others to where about 20 people, or
so, had gathered in the town square to listen.  This community at present
has no Gospel witness but several seem very open.  Another missionary who
had headed up the first meeting left yesterday for several weeks, as his
wife is having a baby, so it has fallen to me to continue the
teaching.  For me it is too early to get any hopes up, but we are praying
that the seeds that have been sown in that community in the many years that
the school has been here, are beginning to sprout.  Please pray for wisdom
in teaching and fluency in the language.

Thanks you so much for 'holding our ropes'.we appreciate all of you and
trust that you are well and encouraged in the awesome grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ.

Bill for us all