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In Awairenda, we set up a makeshift medical-dental clinic, and provided all the people with worm treatments, and finger prick hemoglobin tests. After the finger prick, the children each received a hard boiled egg - high in protein and iron. They were trilled, which gives an idea how well they normally eat. Those who needed to, consulted with the visiting doctor, and were given vitamins, iron pills, and/or any other needed medication. Many teeth were also pulled by a visiting dentist. The evenings consisted of Bible videos and teachings, which were attended by Simba of all ages. 

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weighing the babies in the jolly jumper scale wasn't always a jolly affair

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this girl was severely burned as an infant, a common problem as the Simba cook over open fire

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Home Schooling in Awairenda ! 

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The Simba children were entertained as our boys made bannock for one meal.

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Siesta - Time Game!

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this cornfield on the way to Awairenda was completely destroyed by hail !


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