rahel_tree_01.JPG (52871 bytes)  Rahel   29.01.1997 


I also like going to Gotti Ann to school like my big brother Tobias. For  right now I only go 1 day a week and a couple days with Mami. I like to draw, paint beautiful pictures, make all kinds of different Crafts like my Mami does.

I really like flowers specially red ones, I like them so much that I make songs about am. In winter time when there is no flowers, then I like Snowman's. But most of the time it is too cold here and the snow is really powdery and doesn't stick together to make a snowman.

I also like horses. My big friend Tanis has a horse and when I go to visit her then she lets me ride. That is fun.











                       rahel_birthday01.jpg (32218 bytes)   This was last January 2001 rahel kerzen blasen2.JPG (47909 bytes) now 2002

                                I am five now, and had a great Birthday Party. If you want to see some 

                               pictures follow the link below.





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