SIMONA     06/09/1998


I am a very happy, smiley Girl. I have such a big smile that nobody can be mad with me. (at least so I think) I like to draw and paint and I really like doing that on the walls of anybody's home. If you need a new drawing (art work) on your walls, after all they are probably just one boring color, then  why don't you give me a call I'm sure we can arrange something. If you need some references just ask my Mami and Papi or Uncle Sergio and Auntie Esthi. They will tell you how good I can draw.

I also like playing outside in the snow, it is fun to slide down the hill.

I sleep the best in Mami's Bed but she doesn't like that to much. So every night I have to walk up and down the stairs a few times because Mami sends me back to my Bed. Soon i will get a little sister or brother, that will be fun.

Together with my big Sister Rahel I enjoy playing with dolls. For Christmas we got a big wooden dollhouse from Grossmami and Grosspapi. It was fun in Switzerland there were many sweet things to eat, like Swiss Chocolate and so.




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