TOBIAS Samuel ULRICH (the Firstborn)  


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I like going to school to Gotti (Godmother) Ann.

But I also have to go to my Mom, which I don't like that much.

My Gotti gave me a Dinosaur rock for Christmas. With a chisel and hammer I have to work that rock down to find Dinosaur bones. When I found them all then I can put together a T-Rex.      CCM00003.JPG (46887 bytes) CCM00004.JPG (48233 bytes)  the finished work

We were in Switzerland last month because of "Grosspapis" 60th Birthday. We had lots a fun and some places we really got spoiled, specially at Uncle Sergio and Auntie Esthi's house. Uncle Sergio gave me a Game boy and from the TV-Show in Germany I received a Super Mario Game. Now I like to play every free minute I can. Mami thinks that's bad and wants me to earn my Nintendo Time. But Papi (Dad) thinks its great and plays with it too, while on the throne. (Toilet)   

sergio.jpg (39467 bytes)  Uncle Sergio  esthi_geissli.jpg (42284 bytes)  Auntie Esthi

This past summer I learned how to ride my bike. Mainly because Mami promised to buy me a new computer when I have to go back to school and I know how to ride my bike. The old computer died last winter and on Papi's are we not permitted to play. So now we have the newer one then Papi.

In summer I also build a tree house with my buddy's Nathan and Charlie. We used lots a nails (some say to many) it was fun putting it together. Papi only had to straighten it out a little bit and cut some boards with the chain saw.

With my big friend Jessie I went all the way up to the light tower above our house. It is way up there above the cliffs. I think Mami was a little scared because she didn't know where we were. I wasn't scared, with Jessie I don't fear anything. He also teaches me how to do flips and back-flips on the trampoline.     jessie.jpg (48189 bytes)

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